Katie is an independent fantasy artist in the greater Seattle area. Her focus is on fantastical creatures with strong roots in our natural world, working in both digital and traditional mediums she weaves color and movement into her visual storytelling. Landscapes and environments play a large role in her works as a result of growing up surrounded and inspired by the intense and majestic scenery of Montana.

She works full time on personal projects that go to publication yearly, including annual sketchbooks and a variety of stand alone illustrative works which can be found in the shop and at shows. Freelance is taken on rarely, when the fit is right, and includes work such as; 

  • Book covers for The Destiny of Dragons series; Axintstone, Impossible Magic, and Fate of Three
  • 2016 Monsters & Dames art book by Emerald City Comic Con
If you'd like to offer a bit of support to keep the art engine running, consider buying me a coffee =]

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are you available for commissions?
A: Many of my projects are ongoing and take up most if not all of my focus, so I don't generally accept private commissions. For now I can only consider freelance or commercial work, if it aligns with the type of work I already do.

Q: Can you draw my tattoo, or can I use your art for my tattoo?
A: I do not take tattoo commissions for a few reasons. As it turns out, what looks great on paper doesn't always look great on skin, and I firmly believe that in order to get a high quality tattoo it's much more important to find the right tattoo artist. A good tattoo artist can design a tattoo that fits your body right, and their skill level will ensure it looks right too. If you find a piece of my artwork that you would love to get a tattoo of that is OK with me. All I ask is that you purchase a print of that particular artwork or donate at least $20 (which you can do via the "Buy Me Coffee" link above. This is how I make my living so I am greatly appreciative of support so that I may continue making new artwork!

Q: What medium do you work in?
A: I work both digitally and traditionally. For digital work I use Photoshop and a Wacom Intuos 3 tablet. For traditional work I mostly use watercolor and ink, but will also utilize graphite, colored pencil and play with gold and silver leaf.

Q: How long have you been doing art?
A: This is a two part question. The literal answer is, as a kid I would sit around with all the other kids as we scribbled on paper. As we grew older the other kids would stop drawing but I kept going. Professionally, I've been doing art full time since 2015. I did professional work before then, but 2015 was when I officially started doing art full time.



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