Zippered Pouch - "Orca's Journey"


Zippered Pouch - "Orca's Journey"


“She never knew her name until she heard a human shout “orca” from a boat. Yes..that must be her name.” (scroll to bottom for full story).

These pouches are incredibly versatile and lightweight, great for traveling and organizing! Uses include (but not limited to) holding: tarot card decks, gaming decks and accessories such as dice and tokens, 3DS XL gaming systems with charger and several games, cords wires and extra chargers, pencils and pens just to name a few.

  • Listing is for ONE (1) bag

  • Size: Approx. 8x5 inches.

  • Printed on both sides with the same design, as shown

  • Black interior with second 4x3 inch zippered inner pouch

  • Made from durable 600d polyester fabric (very light-weight)

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Orca’s Journey

"She was the only one she knew of that looked like her.

Even when she was small, she couldn't remember ever seeing another like her, but she was never alone. She was surrounded by family, a pod, who raised her and protected her. She may have arms where they did not, hair when they had none, and her colors were wild and vibrant while theirs were simply black and white. But that did not matter, because they were her family.

She never really knew her name, at least not until she heard it spoken to her one day - not in the tongue of her pod, but in the tongue of man. 

One cold afternoon the mermaid was swimming with her family. They were chasing some fish and having fun when she came up to the surface to splash as the others breached the water's surface.


She heard a voice in the distance. How odd, was it a human voice?

The mermaid circled under the water, wondering if what she heard through the waves and the splashes and joyous ruckus of the others was really what she heard. 

"ORCA! OVER THERE!" the voice came again, and there were others this time, repeating the same word. They must be shouting at her, perhaps? Were they calling to her? Orca. Was that her name then, for them to be calling that way. Yes. That must be true, her name was Orca."