The first art chat stream is up! With artist Bruce Brenneise

On Patreon I’ve been starting to host monthly art chats where I live stream a chat/interview with other professional artists of different backgrounds. The chats are privately streamed to Patrons at the $5+ tiers, who join live to ask questions and get feedback from us in real time, and then the videos go live to the public a week later.

This is the very first stream, and although we had some issues with sound (which is fixed in future streams), I feel it was a success!

A bit about Bruce:
Bruce Brenneise (pronounced Bren-EYE-zee) is an award- winning illustrator. His passion is for world-building through vibrant, epic (and sometimes quite weird) environments, helping clients flesh out ambitious stories and excite their fans. Fun facts: studied scientific illustration at the University of Michigan (BFA from same), lived in China for six years, buys his signature hats from the Amish, and has traveled thirty-four countries and counting.
Bruce has worked for many clients including Monte Cook Games, Cryptozoic Entertainment, Mega Crit Games, Lone Shark Games, Open Legend RPG, Phoenix Online Studios, and Pinkerton Road Studios. You may recognize his work on games such as Slay the Spire, Numenera, Keyforge, Hex: and The Shards of Fate, and Gabriel Knight: Temptation.

Lilac City Comic con and Denver Pop Culture Con are next!

There are two shows coming up for me on the same weekend and that will be it until September 13th for Rose City Comic Con.

LCCC in Spokane -
New print selection & changes to limited edition prints.

I will have an extra large booth at this show with ALL of my in stock prints and merch. This will be my first 10x20 art booth and I’m pretty excited to see what I do with it! I will have lots of extra room to display prints and items and I feel like this will make for an excellent shopping experience. I plan to bring a select few large canvas prints, limited edition giclee prints, and open edition 16x20’s (limited designs), small originals, 11x17’s, bags, the art book and the full selection of enamel pins.

Changing what I offer as canvas and limited edition prints -

Up until now I’ve printed the ink and coffee pieces and digital art pieces as canvas prints for the limited edition series, while watercolors were offered as Giclee prints only on fine art papers.

From now on, ALL traditional art Limited Edition prints will be offered in Giclee on fine art paper and the 16x20 size in canvas will be discontinued. This means I will not be finishing out the LE canvas runs in that size.

Limited edition digital artworks will now be printed as 20x30 inch gallery wrapped canvases instead of at the 16x20 size. This displays the detail and overall size necessary to give the ultimate impact for my digital work. I am currently testing out 16x20 open edition photo prints to have as an in-between size, though I’m not sure if these will be offered in the online shop or will be a convention exclusive size. I may only offer them in the Patreon secret shop (accessible to all Patrons at the $3+ levels) but likely not publicly online.

The new print offers and availability will then be as follows:

11x17 open edition prints (also at every show)
Limited Edition Giclees of original pieces (at select shows)

Online - Patreon access (limited/when available)
16x20 open edition photo prints of digital artworks via the secret shop
8x10 prints of retired pieces - either as a monthly print collector or timed sales via secret shop

At shows only
16x20 open edition photo prints
20x30 gallery wrapped limited edition canvas prints of digital artworks

DPCC (changed from DCC) Denver -

I have a table at this show the same weekend of June 1st, however I won’t be there but the table will be ran and shared by another artist - Bastlynn or Ashley Smith. She’ll have a select few of my best pieces and some of the new enamel pins available - but they will be VERY limited quantities since I won’t be able to send a whole lot to that show this year. You’ll find it in the artist alley at X17

I was planning to do both Lilac City and Denver as I usually do, but DPCC suddenly moved their show date up a full month so I had to choose. Spokane is a much easier and less stressfully long drive than Denver which is why I chose it. I will miss seeing my customers in Denver this year!

Thanks for reading!
- Katie


ECCC behind us, looking forward to SFAL / Planet Comic Con

At SFAL / Planet Comic Con in Kansas City, March 29-31st

I haven’t been back to SFAL aka Spectrum Fantastic Art Live since 2017, and this year is the first time it will join with Planet Comic Con to make one large show! Thought I normally have a large booth, I’m flying to this one so I will be in the artist alley section, table #1547


There’s a video coming for YouTube if I hopefully manage to get it ready before I leave for KC. It will be a little behind the scenes from ECCC along with a general recap of the show.

Thanks for reading!



Back from DCC and into the studio! Patreon?

Denver Comic Con

Wow, what a trip that was! Though extremely tiring, it was worth seeing all of those familiar faces again. I can't thank everyone enough who managed to find me in my odd little end/corner of that huge hall. Each year it feels bigger than the last! 

After DCC I took a much, much needed break and visited family for a week. Since returning from that I've been hard at work playing a bit of catch up in the studio with some general business stuff and mostly getting everything up in the shop - including new printsplaymats and bags!


A look at what's coming up - Patreon?

I'm looking at my schedule for the rest of the year and hoping I can get the ball rolling on even half of this. From continuing work on the Ink & Coffee project to a list of roughly 8 illustrations I'm dying to paint. I am slightly hesitant to announce an official opening as of yet, but I've been considering creating a Patreon page to help take the place of one or two conventions. Prepping for, driving to and marathoning 9+ shows a year is taking it's toll on my energy, so it's important at this point I take a look at options to help keep me going both physically and financially throughout the year. 


The rest of this year's shows

There are only three more shows this year to catch me in person! This will mark my first time attending Illuxcon and am excited to join.
Rose City Comicon (Portland, OR)  September 7-9 (Exhibitor)
Illuxcon (Reading, PA)  October 17-21 (Showcase only; evenings of Oct. 19-20)
Geek Girl Con (Seattle, WA)  October 27-28 (exhibitor)


Changes with coupon codes for the shop

After taking a good while to consider it, I've removed all coupon codes and sale codes from the website. The only way to receive these codes from now on will be to sign up for the newsletter. Rarely I may offer a general sale on the site, but the codes offered in the newsletter can be stacked as well.

That's it for now, thank you for reading! =]
- Katie


New house, new studio, and hitting the road!

May & June chaos


I've been keeping it quiet over the past month or so, but we are currently in the process of buying our first house! It's been a long road and we haven't finalized it yet, but I think it's safe to say we will definitely be moving soon. This means lots of packing, unpacking, messy rooms and 'where is that thing' and 'what box was that in' happening. 

The good part about this - well, aside from our own house - is that the studio will be in a bigger room than ever before! It's not absolutely huge so don't imagine a warehouse or anything, but it's going to be amazing the amount of extra space it will offer, and with that more possibilities for expansion! I've always wanted a high quality wide format printer and now that's actually a future possibility.

Starting May 7th, the shop will be closed while everything gets packed up, and very likely will not open until June 29th. If I am able to open earlier it will. 




We'll be moving to the new house all during May, and then immediately after that is a convention month! 


Booth and table placements are not finalized yet but they will be updated on the event page when I get them. The Denver trip is always a long one, between 4+ days of travel, a full week in Denver, then visiting family for a full week means I won't be back in the studio until the end of June. 

New Video is up

I managed to get a little bit of footage from Sakura-Con to share, including some behind the scenes of setup. 

Thanks for reading everyone!



Dragonbrushsed LE print update

I'm writing this for folks who may be wondering where the LE prints are! Prints have been ordered and are in queue for printing starting the first week of January. My local print shop was quite busy as it turned out, but I know they will turn out absolutely beautiful and perfect to color. I know this because I was able to get some proofs! I saw them just before they closed for the holidays and I am SO thrilled with how even just the tiny proofs looked. See for yourself!


As soon as I get the call that they're ready, adding the embellishments and sending out ALL the remaining orders will be at the top of the list. If you have any questions at all about your order, please don't hesitate to contact me at

Happy 2018! =]

- Katie

Dragon Gifts, Fantasy Gifts and Art Gifts, oh my!

NEW! Dragon Skull zippered pouches

NEW! Dragon Skull zippered pouches


Unique gifts from a small business

For those who seem to have everything- like your aunt who if she wants something she'll just go get it - it can make it tough to find something unique for her! Or does it?

Here at the Kamakru Art studio you'll find lots of unique gifts designed and created by artist Katie Croonenberghs. Tabletop gaming accessories such as zippered pouches and playmats, artwork to decorate, artwork to collect, stationaryoriginal artwork and art books are just a few things you'll find here.  

Thanks for visiting!

Final convention of the year - Jet City Comic Show!


Jet City in Tacoma, Washington will be the last show on the circuit this year! I'm sad to see all of the great weekends of connecting with people coming to a close for the year, but also excited as this means the switch from shows and conventions to art production! 

November kicks off not only a fresh release of certain products for the Holidays (See DRAGONBRUSHED) but this means good food and hunkering down to make a lot more art for the coming year. I still have so many more ideas I need to explore and I can't wait to dive in.


Gears turning for the art book and Geek Girl Con!

The Art Book begins, early stages -

Things are starting to move a little more for the dragon art book now that I've spoken with the printer a few times, talked about what papers to use and all the little details that make up the main structure of the book. The title is still in the air, as "Smaugust" doesn't fit the series very well anymore, and while last year's book was titled "Month of Dragons", perhaps this year's title will encompass the watercolor medium. 


Next show, Geek Girl Con -

There are now only two shows left of the year, with the next being here in Seattle and then Jet City Comic Show in Tacoma at the beginning of November! I love being able to do shows and meet everyone face to face, but I'll admit I'm also excited for the 'off-season', which for me means I hunker down for the winter and make lots and lots of new art ;)

Kamakru Art at GenCon 2017

For the first time ever Katie will be at GenCon in Indianapolis! Available will be a selection of 11x17 art prints, zippered pouches, original artworks and Limited Edition canvas prints.
An exclusive GenCon 50 card will be given to the first 50 customers =]

Look for Katie Croonenberghs in the Art Show, booth #46!

Denver Comic Con & temporary shop closure

I'm a bit late in this announcement I'll admit,  but you may have noticed the shop "missing"! That's because I am currently three states away from my studio, down in Colorado for Denver Comic Con and the entire shop is with me.

I will return to the studio mid July and will reactivate the shop once more. Now for those of you who are attending Denver Comic Con, here's a run down of the show!

What you'll find at the Kamakru booth in the artist valley #G15

  • NEW! Limitedimited edition stretched canvas prints, ready to hang - low quantities
  • NEW! Limited edition metallic prints, matted & mounted - low quantities
  • NEW! Gaming playmats, 7 designs to choose from
  • Zippered pouches including many new designs
  • Extra-large tapestries and scroll-style tapestries
  • Large selection of easy to frame prints
  • A selection of small sketch original dragons

Below is a photo of last year's DCC booth, so you know what to look for. I hope to see you there!


Temporary shop closure through January 31st


I was presented with a rare opportunity to travel to Iceland and Switzerland that I could not pass up! I feel that although this will set back the timeline in the Ink & Coffee series, it will in turn offer the chance to collect amazing photos and experiences which will only enhance future artworks.

Internet access may be very limited, but when able any updates will be posted to Twitter @Kamakru

The shop will remain offline until January 31st when I return and any orders placed before January 17th will be sent out before I depart. 

- Katie


Official Shop (NEW) vs. Etsy shop, and why it's 'closing'.

Why the Switch?

There comes a time when in order to take a step forward in my art and my business, I need to take a close look at where my energies are going and how it impacts not just me but also those who support me by purchasing my work. 

To keep it short and sweet, Etsy has changed over the last couple years and so has the shape of my business - and the two don't fit very well together any more. By creating this website along with an official shop I can start offering my art and products in ways that I can't with Etsy. 

As of now, Etsy will no longer get new products listed in that shop. As products expire I won't re-list them except for a select few items (which will be available here as well).

What you can expect to see in this shop:

  • NEW!  Limited Edition Giclée fine art prints (None have been released yet)
  • NEW!  Blank greeting card singles and packs
  • Original art
  • All art books including printed calendars
  • Giant printed tapestries
  • Printed bags such as the small zippered pouches and cross-body bags when available
  • Mouse Pads and in the future gaming playmats
  • Any and all other future art products and new releases

I am very excited about these changes and look forward to all the exiting new things that 2017 will bring!

- Katie