Official Shop (NEW) vs. Etsy shop, and why it's 'closing'.

Why the Switch?

There comes a time when in order to take a step forward in my art and my business, I need to take a close look at where my energies are going and how it impacts not just me but also those who support me by purchasing my work. 

To keep it short and sweet, Etsy has changed over the last couple years and so has the shape of my business - and the two don't fit very well together any more. By creating this website along with an official shop I can start offering my art and products in ways that I can't with Etsy. 

As of now, Etsy will no longer get new products listed in that shop. As products expire I won't re-list them except for a select few items (which will be available here as well).

What you can expect to see in this shop:

  • NEW!  Limited Edition Giclée fine art prints (None have been released yet)
  • NEW!  Blank greeting card singles and packs
  • Original art
  • All art books including printed calendars
  • Giant printed tapestries
  • Printed bags such as the small zippered pouches and cross-body bags when available
  • Mouse Pads and in the future gaming playmats
  • Any and all other future art products and new releases

I am very excited about these changes and look forward to all the exiting new things that 2017 will bring!

- Katie