Soon begins the reign of video & Inked art + changes to "Ink & Coffee"

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Holiday season so far!

As you may have seen, I will be closing the shop on December 12th. By then I'll have all the orders in for Limited Edition Dragonbrushed prints, so those will be printed and then all remaining orders sent out. 

Twitch and Youtube

Once shop stuff is taken care of I can turn my attention to streaming on Twitch and posting more on YouTube! This is something I wanted to do in 2017 but was unable to keep a schedule I could follow with the amount of travelling I did. I am allowing myself most of December and January to dive more into streaming artwork and posting on Youtube to help establish a better process for this. Here are links to my YouTube and Twitch accounts

Changes to the Ink & Coffee Book

Streaming on Twitch will likely go hand in hand with continuing work on the Ink & Coffee project. I'd love to get at least 20 more illustrations done for the book to launch next year. The focus of the book will likely be changed slightly as well - from specifically creatures of folklore to also include creatures of my own design. The reason for the change is mostly because I do not wish for the book to become a reference guide to folklore, as I am not an expert in that area. However, I love designing creatures so instead it will have a mix of my own creatures and my (sometimes loose) interpretations of folklore creatures from around the world. 

I'm looking forward to where the art will take us, and I hope you'll join me on this journey!

- Katie