The first art chat stream is up! With artist Bruce Brenneise

On Patreon I’ve been starting to host monthly art chats where I live stream a chat/interview with other professional artists of different backgrounds. The chats are privately streamed to Patrons at the $5+ tiers, who join live to ask questions and get feedback from us in real time, and then the videos go live to the public a week later.

This is the very first stream, and although we had some issues with sound (which is fixed in future streams), I feel it was a success!

A bit about Bruce:
Bruce Brenneise (pronounced Bren-EYE-zee) is an award- winning illustrator. His passion is for world-building through vibrant, epic (and sometimes quite weird) environments, helping clients flesh out ambitious stories and excite their fans. Fun facts: studied scientific illustration at the University of Michigan (BFA from same), lived in China for six years, buys his signature hats from the Amish, and has traveled thirty-four countries and counting.
Bruce has worked for many clients including Monte Cook Games, Cryptozoic Entertainment, Mega Crit Games, Lone Shark Games, Open Legend RPG, Phoenix Online Studios, and Pinkerton Road Studios. You may recognize his work on games such as Slay the Spire, Numenera, Keyforge, Hex: and The Shards of Fate, and Gabriel Knight: Temptation.