Final convention of the year - Jet City Comic Show!

map for Jet city comic con in 2017

Jet City in Tacoma, Washington will be the last show on the circuit this year! I'm sad to see all of the great weekends of connecting with people coming to a close for the year, but also excited as this means the switch from shows and conventions to art production! 

November kicks off not only a fresh release of certain products for the Holidays (See DRAGONBRUSHED) but this means good food and hunkering down to make a lot more art for the coming year. I still have so many more ideas I need to explore and I can't wait to dive in.


Gears turning for the art book and Geek Girl Con!

The Art Book begins, early stages -

Things are starting to move a little more for the dragon art book now that I've spoken with the printer a few times, talked about what papers to use and all the little details that make up the main structure of the book. The title is still in the air, as "Smaugust" doesn't fit the series very well anymore, and while last year's book was titled "Month of Dragons", perhaps this year's title will encompass the watercolor medium. 

geek  girl con booth location 2017

Next show, Geek Girl Con -

There are now only two shows left of the year, with the next being here in Seattle and then Jet City Comic Show in Tacoma at the beginning of November! I love being able to do shows and meet everyone face to face, but I'll admit I'm also excited for the 'off-season', which for me means I hunker down for the winter and make lots and lots of new art ;)

Kamakru Art at GenCon 2017

For the first time ever Katie will be at GenCon in Indianapolis! Available will be a selection of 11x17 art prints, zippered pouches, original artworks and Limited Edition canvas prints.
An exclusive GenCon 50 card will be given to the first 50 customers =]

Look for Katie Croonenberghs in the Art Show, booth #46!

map location for gen con 2017