"Dragon & Phoenix" - Open Edition


"Dragon & Phoenix" - Open Edition


"It was then that it came, with a biting breeze that swept over the trees and chilled me as I pulled my cloak closer. At first it was just a fog, a mist that softly snaked it's way through the changing trees. As it filled the valley a shape took form and it rose above the forest. It was a long moment before I realized I had been holding my breath."


  • Signed by the artist Katie Croonenberghs

  • Printed on 11x17 inch heavy textured card stock which closely mimics the feel of the original paper the artwork was created on.

  • There is a 1/8 inch white border around the outside of the print, which if placed in a frame or mat will be covered.

  • 11x17 is a standard frame size, no custom framing needed!

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“The Dragon & Phoenix are often found together within Imperial Chinese Feng Shui. The phoenix represents Yin - the Goddess of all winged creatures, while the Dragon represents Yang - a symbol of vigilance and incredible strength. They were respectively associated with the Emporor and Empress representing divine harmony. At times there is unrest in a relationship, but they always eventually find their balance again.”