"Ink & Coffee - Alicanto" - Open Edition


"Ink & Coffee - Alicanto" - Open Edition


This gorgeous print of "Alicanto" is from the ongoing "Ink & Coffee" series, based on creatures of folklore and mythology from around the world. See below the image for it's story!

  • Signed by the artist Katie Croonenberghs

  • Printed on 11x17 inch heavy textured card stock which closely mimics the feel of the original paper the artwork was created on.

  • There is a 1/8 inch white border around the outside of the print, which if placed in a frame or mat will be covered.

  • No watermarks will appear on the print (they are only there for online viewing)

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The Alicanto is a bird of  Chilean Mythology, and is believed to feed on gold and other precious metals such as silver. Depending on which metal they are consuming they can take on the material properties of it. Their metallic feathers emit light that is golden if they are eating gold, or silver if consuming silver.Since an alicanto indicates the presence of precious metal , it is often sought out by those hoping to find those treasures or veins in the Earth to mine. Should the bird suspect it’s being followed, it could decide to lead the treasure-hunter to their doom instead”