Our love of art and nature leads us to make our best effort to reduce, reuse and recycle when possible - especially when it comes to shipping orders! Many big companies tend to use boxes too large along with unnecessary bubble wrap and plastic packaging. As a small business and with our effort to create less waste, we do our best to package all artwork and products so that they arrive to you safety while keeping in mind what types of packaging can be recycled and what can be reused.

Below you will find a list of the packaging materials that may be used to ship your order, including the packaging on prints and merch.

Some orders will be sent out in bubble mailers using old stock. Bubble mailers will not be reordered once current stock is used up. Shipping tubes

All prints are packaged in an acid free archival plastic sleeve. These sleeves are new to provide the best protection to the artwork from damage not only from scratches, water and dirt, but from any acids that may discolor the print over time. This is one of the very few new plastics used in packaging, and as soon as an art-safe alternative is discovered we plan to switch to something more eco-friendly.

These are not shipped in plastic sleeves because they are already very hearty and tough! However, we use tissue paper to protect it and to provide cushioning inside the shipping box