Student Grade Watercolors - Set 1 (lightly used)


Student Grade Watercolors - Set 1 (lightly used)


The watercolors that started it all for me were Grumbacher and Cotman brand student grade tubes!

I don't use these brands anymore and they're still all mostly full and perfectly good to use by any aspiring artist =]
For pricing comparisons and color swatches you can check out this page:

Set 1 includes 18 tubes, as shown.
Colors included, listed left to right, top row first:

  • cadium red light
  • prussian blue
  • raw sienna
  • gamboge hue
  • indigo
  • vermillon
  • thalo blue
  • chinese white
  • lamp black
  • yellow ochre
  • cadnium yellow light
  • dioxazine violet
  • hookers green dark
  • alizarin crimson hue
  • vandyke brown
  • cadmium orange
  • viridian
  • purple lake
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