Getting the prints ordered + last day!

Today is 12-12-2017 which means the shop officially closes for the rest of the year by midnight tonight! Or at least by the time I wake up again in the morning to turn off the website pages.

This means that today is the last day to order Limited Edition embellished prints from the series. These prints will not be returning in January online, and open editions will also not be available online but only at conventions. 

Tomorrow orders will be placed for the LE prints once final numbers come in and may take a full week or more to print before shipping. This means LE prints will likely not be delivered in time for Christmas! So please keep that in mind. 

That's about it for updates. Lots to do, packages to assemble and all that. 

- Katie

Research & testing for Special Edition prints!

After looking at dozens of printers, considering different finish options and paper types and costs, I've finally narrowed down where to get the special edition prints made!

Why all the research, why not just go with the usual printer?

Normally this would be an easy thing to do, but I want a very specific look and feel for these prints including a printed gold border - and just as important I wanted to be able to embellish them with the same mica-metallic watercolors I used on the original paintings. These are special edition after all, so it's important to go all out!

As it turns out however, gold borders and watercolor-type papers are two things that are very difficult to put together. Either the paper was wrong and I could get the border printed, or the paper was right and the border couldn't be printed. For this, the exact look and feel of the special edition prints could come down to two versions - which is what I will be sorting out this week.

Today test prints from one shop will be ordered, and later this week I will visit in person another shop to see what they can offer. One way or another I feel I'm getting very close to what I envisioned for the prints that will only be available during the launch!

As it turns out, I happened to have a print from one of the printers on one of the papers I am considering, so I did some metallic watercolor testing on it. What do you think? I'm quite happy with this as a possible option :)

Test metallic watercolor done on the print "Dream Fire Fox"

Test metallic watercolor done on the print "Dream Fire Fox"

You can see a video of these test results on twitter here